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Very nice 🚀

Thanks! :D



This game is really fun to play. A good game to hang out with. However this game needs to be still improved with the graphics and the core mechanics. There is no motive of the player to shoot the enemy beside just passing time. a scoring system and adding some more action packed content could make this game really addicting to play in free time. Also work on changing the trails which is very distractive.

You can definitely take some ideas from our project if you want. You can check our website or else itch page, and if you require any help you can contact us directly via mail:-

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Website:- VOiD1 Gaming

itch page:- VOiD1 Gaming itch page


Yes, there is definitely more room for improvement. However, as I've said in the description, it was made for a one hour gamejam so I didn't have that much time on my hands.

This is just an idea that I've wanted to test for some time and I plan on turning this into a full-fledged in the future.

Also, thanks for playing my game and taking the time to share your opinion about it! I really appreciate it.

You are always welcome. We would suggest you to follow, so that we can stay in touch about our upcoming releases.