This game was made during a 48-hour hackathon!

"Once upon a time, the Sacred Realm of Bamboos was a save heaven for every panda in it. But things changed when the robots attacked.

They are a big threat to the Sacred Bamboo Realm. They want to take the bamboo and use it to build office complexes so you have to fight them in order to bring the peace back to this world and keep it safe!"

Bounce Bamboo! is a 2D, top-down, fast-paced arcade game that puts your reflexes and reaction time to test

  • Destroy the evil panda robots while dodging their bullets and the spiky bamboo canes!
  • Pick up boosters that will give new abilities and help you score more points!
  • Get that score as high as you can!
  • Collect trophies by completing missions! Can you get them all?

Play Bounce Bamboo! now and see how far you can get!

Join our discord here!

(This server is for my other game, //operation_P//, but you may still join and discuss about Bounce Bamboo too if you wish)


  • [ESC] - back to the main menu
  • Move the mouse and click anywhere on the screen to move the panda in the direction the guideline indicates (and shoot bullets in the opposite direction)


Bounce Bamboo - Original Standalone Version 19 MB

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